Madball's Controversial Outdoor Concert Is Being Investigated for Violating COVID Restrictions

Approximately 2,000 people went to see a hardcore show in NYC's Tompkins Square Park last weekend
Madball's Controversial Outdoor Concert Is Being Investigated for Violating COVID Restrictions
If you have someone even remotely involved in hardcore in your life, you already know that Madball and some other old-timers led an enormous outdoor show in New York's Tompkins Square Park last weekend. There were thousands of moshing fans and very few masks in sight. And now the concert is being investigated.

To recap, Madball were joined by the almost perfectly named Murphy's Law, Bloodclot (featuring original Cro-Mags frontman John Joseph) and the Capturers for a show on April 24. The free concert attracted approximately 2,000 people.

Consequence points to a report from New York's Pix 11, who claim that Black 'N' Blue Productions initially obtained the permit for the event by claiming it was a "September 11th memorial" that would likely only draw 100 people. 

The promoters pushed back against this claim, complaining that "people suck the dick of the media these days" after Pix 11 made the report. In an interview with the Ev Grieve blog, they promoters claimed that they tried to adhere to COVID measures but could not enforce them since they are not the police. 

To be fair, they also did raise around $6,000 for the New York Firefighters Burn Center Foundation on GoFundMe ahead of the show. But the Tompkins event was free to enter, and featured moshing aplenty as onlookers crammed into the space.

A representative from the New York City Parks Department told Gothamist that they are not taking the permit application for the show lightly. "This matter is actively being investigated as the permit application filed and agreement appear to have been violated — future permits are in jeopardy," the spokesperson said.

Always the quote machine, John Joseph had plenty of questionable things to say in defence of the event. Here's what he wrote in a social media post:

Yesterday in Tompkins Square Park well over 2,000 peeps came out. Free show for the People by the People. It was a blast! We raised $ for the FDNY Burn Unit, and fed people organic plant based eats. And let me say this — to all those talking shit. For the last year in NYC there were protests — tens and thousands of people in the streets — some rioting and looting engaging in bias attacks — on 4/20 weed day — thousands filled Washington Square Park — sharing blunts and weed pipes. Nobody said shit. This was our PROTEST — OUR RALLY. People who didn't want to come — stayed away. Good — nobody missed their ass. Wanna thank Cousin Joe and The Black-n-Blue crew for doing an amazing job. All the bands killed it The Captures, Wisdom In Chains, Murphy's Law, and the KINGS of NYHC MADBALL. PMA was had — smiling faces everywhere — we all needed this! I hope other cities do the same.

Social media has been somewhat split over the event, with most people either calling it a superspreader event or proudly declaring that hardcore's back. Watch videos from the show below.