The Creeping Nobodies / Anagram The Creeping Nobodies / Anagram

Two of Toronto’s strongest proponents of provocative art punk pair up for this deadly split twelve-inch. Side a features the Creeping Nobodies in all of their exploratory glory, testing listeners’ limits as well as their own. "Sacrosanction” is a driving instrumental that draws upon a Middle Eastern melody for its primary guitar part and an unrelenting martial drum pattern locks tight with the bass for an uncompromising groove. "Psychic Weapons” substantiates the early Sonic Youth tag that the band are often saddled with but it’s also a uniquely art-damaged protest song that gains strength as it proceeds. On side b, Anagram continue to draw from the same dark, underground punk network that might have spawned the Dead Kennedys and Scratch Acid. "Mt. St. Capt. Doom” is a sinister song, coming off like a zombie march with lead singer Matt Mason barely altering the cadence of his voice throughout the entire thing. A circus-like organ gives way to foreboding drums and bass on "Manic Indulgence.” Washes of guitar are only upstaged by the Goth-like, grim reaper delivery of Mason, whose tone is alternately indifferent or taunting. The medium forces both bands to economise, offering up a completely satisfying dose of edgy, urban punk that is as lawless and free as a fucking bird. (Blocks)