Cream Abdul Babar/Kylesa Cream Abdul Babar/Kylesa

The mighty Cream Abdul Babar return with this nine-song split CD with Kylesa, offering four songs of their trademarked noise, with production from the renowned Billy Anderson. This split sees Cream up to their old glorious tricks, offering the same excellent sonic constructions that graced their awesome The Catalyst To Ruins full-length. The same abrasive nods to the vintage AmRep noise of Unsane and Helmet are present, as well as the slower, cycling dirges and emotional swells, ringing of Neurosis at their finest, all enhanced tremendously by their trombone (seriously), keyboard and dual vocals, stamping it all with Cream’s signature ferocity and mass. Why this band isn’t dominating the underground is a mystery; it can’t be because of their name, can it? Kylesa unleashes their "The Curse of Lost Days (Parts 1-V)” song cycle, after smartly dividing their songs from Cream’s with a noisy ambient crosswiring piece, and hold their own. Just as noisy, slightly more doom metal-oriented (especially with the guitar line of "Part 2”) and reminiscent of 16 and Eyehategod, Kylesa are just as comfortable throwing around Kyuss-ish stoner metal sandstorms as abrasive pummelling or heavy-ass riff. And while splits are usually cock-teases until new full-lengths, this one delivers. (At A Loss)