Courtney Love Threatens to Sue over Kurt Cobain's Guitar Hero Character

Courtney Love Threatens to Sue over Kurt Cobain's <i>Guitar Hero</i> Character
If you picked up a copy of the new Guitar Hero 5 game last week, you know that legendary Nirvana front-man Kurt Cobain is a playable character in the game, complete with a Daniel Johnston T-shirt. That fact has stirred up some controversy across the interweb, and one person who's particularly pissed is Cobain's widow, Courtney Love.

In a series of angry Tweets, the former Hole singer announced that she plans to take Activision, the game's manufacturer, to court. In her Tweets, she said, "For the record, this Guitar Hero shit is breach of contract on a bully's part and there will be a proper addressing of this and retraction... We are going to sue the shit out of Activision. We being the Trust, the Estate, the LLC, the various LLCs, Cobain Enterprises... Have fun with your avatars, you slimebags... I rant? Fuck off. I have proof, you've simply never bothered to look. So fucking play your video game."

That's not all. Among Love's fire-spewing Tweets she reveals that the case involves over 200 forged legal documents that allowed Activision to use Cobain's likeness in the game.

The controversy also sparked comments from British music journo Everett True who, thinking that Love had sanctioned the avatar, launched this tirade on YouTube: "[Dave] Grohl and Love sanctioned this one for the new Guitar Hero. So respect due to Grohl and Love then. Fucking corporate cock-sucking memory-destroying fret-wanking MTV-supporting fame-chasing money-grabbing grave-turning publicity-loving vacuous spoiled jaded cunting rock whores."

Love responded to True with the following Tweets: "@everetttrue i have no prob w you calling me names just dont fucking ever think i would sanction such a travesty," "@everetttrue but id keep on it cos its disgusting and vile and is the result of a cabal of a few assholes greed, out them, dont dare blame me," "dig a little deeper old friend, you know me well, not in twenty JILLION years would i EVER have allowed this and this is lethal."

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