Courtney Love Blasts Daughter on Facebook; Judge Issues Restraining Order

Courtney Love Blasts Daughter on Facebook; Judge Issues Restraining Order
It's not exactly a good time to be Courtney Love. Early this week, word came that the Hole front-woman had lost temporary legal control of her 17-year-old daughter Frances Bean Cobain, who is now under the care of Kurt Cobain's mother and sister. And never being one to shy away from airing her dirty laundry in public, Love has now taken to Facebook to share some less than kind words about her daughter.

"I hate to sound cold but any kid of mine who pulls this shit has lost her position," Canoe quotes Love as writing on Facebook. "She was deceptive, she lied and she's lying to herself. My daughter is not always honest."

Love also didn't sound overly pleased with her in-laws, adding that her daughter may not be as rich as she thinks she is. "She thinks she has all this money. The point is I have all the money she has," Love said. "Frances is clearly deluded that she can buy her grandmother a small house in L.A. I'd love to see how that works. They'll incubate her 'til she's 18 and then have her sign all the indnemofications [sic]."

However, not all Love's words were negative, writing, "To Frannie's worried friends, she's not stupid. She trusted the wrong people and got snookered into a circus. She'll figure out what a ridiculous mess she's in and she's smart. She'll have to work really hard and she's not used to it but I have faith. She's my daughter and I love her. Cruelty is not what she's about."

UPDATE: TMZ now reports that a judge has issued a restraining order against Love, prohibiting her from having any direct or indirect contact with her daughter. No word yet on if this Facebook business is going to land Love in even hotter water.