Courtney Love Announces New "Hole" Line-Up, European Tour Dates

Courtney Love Announces New 'Hole' Line-Up, European Tour Dates
The latest news in the never-ending (and, at this point, barely engaging) drama that is Courtney Love is sure to have some die-hard Hole fans up in arms. As if it wasn't bad enough that Love is releasing the Chinese Democracy of grunge, Nobody's Daughter, under the Hole moniker, she's now apparently going to be playing some live shows with a completely revamped line-up.

The three shows are supposedly taking place next month in London, Milan and Amsterdam, with this version of "Hole" reportedly featuring Micko Larkin on guitar, Shawn Dailey on bass and drummer Stu Fischer.

The dates are listed on a recently launched website that, notably, doesn't say the word "Hole" on it anywhere, probably due to former guitarist Eric Erlandson's claims that Love can't continue playing under that moniker.

Of course, all this comes after much drama in Love's life as of late (see here, here and here), all of which adds up to a sort of mass ennui across Canada as we simultaneously shrug our shoulders, chuckle a bit and feel a bit sorry for Love, who probably has more in common with Axl Rose than we thought she did back in '94.