Courtney Barnett "Kim's Caravan" (video)

Courtney Barnett 'Kim's Caravan' (video)
Aussie singer-songwriter Courtney Barnett recently released her debut full-length Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sitand now she's unveiled a new clip for album cut "Kim's Caravan."
The track is a dark, apocalyptic story about human destruction of the natural world — specifically, the Great Barrier Reef — which, according to Barnett, was partly inspired by the Midnight Oil documentary Black Rain Falls.
Many of the shots depict a pretty literal interpretation of the song's lyrics, in addition to footage of Barnett herself looking pensive and staring out over her childhood haunts.
Director Bec Kingma shared the following statement:
In conceptualizing a film clip for the track I am keen to explore the adult attempt to return to that place of childish innocence. If you have ever returned to a childhood holiday haunt in the offseason, it's likely you've discovered the sad realisation that the place barely resembles your idyllic memories. As grown ups we all yearn for a time and place where our biggest concerns were the sand in our bathers and the mosquito's eating us alive.
The seven-minute single will be released as a 12-inch Record Store Day single on April 18, paired with a B-side cover of John Cale's "Close Watch." For now, though, check out the video for "Kim's Caravan" below.