Tragedy Will Find Us

BY Branan RanjanathanPublished Jul 22, 2015

As far as modern metalcore goes, Counterparts have proven time and again that they are amongst those pushing the genre forward, building upon their older material with each release, and honing their overall sound into a refined variation. That trend continues with their latest release, Tragedy Will Find Us.
Although much of the structure remains the same, the brief forays into darker, more complex and textured territory on many of the songs here make them highlights and demonstrates the band capable of more sonic diversity than on previous releases. The skittering verse of "Resonate" transitioning into the slower, deliberate chorus of the song, and the spoken word sections of "Drown," accompanied by swirling dissonance in the background, serve as key examples of the kind of finesse added this time around.
The band's knack for melody and their ability to contrast it with punishingly heavy sections have only become stronger on this record, as evidenced by songs like "Collapse" and "Burn," which employ hooky riffs and dense layers of atmosphere. "Choke" and "Stranger" also showcase the relentless energy and the overall force of the new material, being the most aggressive cuts in the set. Brendan Murphy's lyricism is poignant and moving, and leaves more to interpretation than ever before, as he dabbles with metaphor and keeps the tone of the album consistent.
Counterparts move forward with Tragedy Will Find Us, stronger than ever before.
(New Damage)

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