Counterparts on Exclaim! TV Aggressive Tendencies

Counterparts on Exclaim! TV Aggressive Tendencies
Despite titling their third album The Difference Between Hell and Home, Counterparts vocalist Brendan Murphy says they don't really have a sanctuary where they fit in completely. Not that he's complaining: as he told Exclaim! TV in this Aggressive Tendencies segment, at least they've surpassed the "Canadian band" thing that keeps homegrown bands from breaking out of the true north strong and free.

The grateful frontman also talked about how thankful and happy he is that his band have reached their current level of success. Murphy is using their new position to help hardworking bands when they can (he even offers his email in the interview, if you want to reach out).

They haven't stopped though, and a revolving door of members have brought in some new blood that's expanded their sound, which already grew impressively between The Current Will Carry Us and their latest work..

After opening the final four shows of the Misery Signals "Malice X" tour, the band will embark on a jaunt across Canada with Every Time I Die and Expire. Watch the full Aggressive Tendencies interview with Murphy, below.

Interview, filmed and edited by Bradley Zorgdrager