Cory Woodward Princess Of The Skies

The first thing you’ll notice about Vancouver-based Cory Woodward is his unmistakable vocal resemblance to Eddie Vedder. And Don Henley. And John Rzeznik. The Edmonton-born singer-songwriter has the uncanny ability to spark a connection between himself and some of the greatest musicians of all time, mixing genuine, soulful rock’n’roll with folky sentiment here and there. "Revolve” sets the mood for the album, demonstrating Woodward’s ability to craft smooth, punchy melodies. "Slipping Away” fools you into thinking you’re listening to Paul Brandt, but then evolves into a prancing, soulful tune rather than a country anthem. "Turn To You” begins like the Goo Goo Dolls hit "Sympathy” but ends up as a whiskey-soaked Tom Waits lament. While some may feel Woodward’s debut follows the lead of bigger musical acts rather than going its own way, to others it won’t even matter. The record is great and that’s all you need to know. (Independent)