Corey Taylor Readies New Album 'CMF2,' Shares Video for "Beyond"

The video for his new single was shot at an abandoned waterpark

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished May 17, 2023

Corey Taylor has detailed his sophomore solo LP. The Slipknot frontman will share new album CMF2 on September 15 via Decibel Cooper / BMG.

Following 2020's CMFT, and last year's CMFB... Sides EP, the 13-track CMF2 is "more where we're going," whereas its predecessor was "kind of where I was coming from."

First single "Beyond" arrives alongside a video Dale "Rage" Resteghini, shot at an abandoned water park in the Mojave Desert. In it, Taylor confronts iterations of himself before leading them to bear witness to himself and his band rocking out.

Taylor shares that "Beyond" has been gestating since 2006, sharing in a statement, "I originally wrote it as an aggressive romantic song, but I'm also looking at it now as a kind of 'come together' song. Bringing the masses together, and letting them know that I want my music to take them beyond what they may think about me. Maybe they've had a misconception about me. It's not exactly a calling card, more like throwing the bat signal up and being 'alright, let's turn everything on its head.' It's almost a dual threat, because now I look at it from two standpoints."

Taylor's CMFT Band includes Zach Throne (rhythm/lead guitars), Dustin Robert (drums), Christian Martucci (rhythm/lead guitars) and Eliot Lorango (bass).

Last year saw Taylor and Slipknot deliver new LP The End, So Far.


1. The Box
2. Post Traumatic Blues
3. Talk Sick
4. Breath of Fresh Smoke
5. Beyond
6. We Are the Rest
7. Midnight 
8. Starmate
9. Sorry Me
10. Punchline
11. Someday I'll Change Your Mind
12. All I Want Is Hate
13. Dead Flies

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