Corb Lund "Blood, Sweat & Water (A Song for Southern Alberta)"

Corb Lund 'Blood, Sweat & Water (A Song for Southern Alberta)'
Canadian musicians have united to voice their support for Calgary following the city's devastating recent floods, and now Corb Lund has joined in by sharing his new song "Blood, Sweat & Water (A Song for Southern Alberta)."

The song is a twangy country number that celebrates Calgary's recovery following the floods, and Lund sings, "Though my eyes, no city / Has looked quite as pretty / As when Cowtown rose up from its knees."

The singer explained in a statement, "My song 'Blood, Sweat and Water' uses Stampede as a metaphor for the city's courage, hard work and resilience. It's a tribute to everyone who's been toughing it out dealing with the flood damage in southern Alberta. The idea occurred to me after seeing all the work people had done to make Stampede happen this year."

Listen to the song below, and check out Lund's upcoming tour schedule here.