Cool Rebrand Themselves as COOL TV

BY Alex HudsonPublished Aug 18, 2014

Despite launching as Cool early this year, the funky Apollo Ghosts spinoff have changed their name to COOL TV. The Vancouver band revealed the new name by starting new accounts on Facebook and Tumblr today (August 18).

Frontman Adrian Teacher explained the change to Exclaim! with this statement:

It was slightly frustrating because people were often saying to me, "I can't find your music very easily" or "When are you guys playing next?" ..Also, I found it difficult to introduce the band during a show: "Hi, we're Cool." .... I never wanted people to think we felt that way. I'm the least cool person. The name felt a bit jokey. I like the way COOL TV looks a lot better. It feels a lot more natural.

This is the latest development in what's already been an extremely busy year for the group. Already in 2014, they've released the debut album Paint, an EP called Best New Music, a dance single and a split 7-inch lathe cut.

COOL TV take their name from a song from their own Best New Music EP. Hear that tune below.

Just a couple of days ago, Teacher released an ambient solo album under the name Arbutus.

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