The Cool Kids Break Up

The Cool Kids Break Up
Following a five-year ride full of mixtapes, EPs and one proper full-length LP, Illinois rap duo the Cool Kids are calling it a day. The group's Sir Michael Rocks confirmed that they're closing this chapter of their career in a recent interview.

Speaking to All Hip Hop, the rapper noted that both he and Chuck Inglish have been tweaking up their respective games and have grown so much that it just wouldn't seem natural to deliver new Cool Kids material.

"We can't go back there, we can't go back to the same era that was there before," Rocks said. "That's stupid, we're different people, we've evolved more than that, we're way different people, so I think right now we need to be developing ourselves separately as artists and becoming a force on our own, because we're both super dope. We're not a group where one person is super dope, and the other person is subpar; like, we're both nice as fuck even before we knew each other, so it's not a tough play to figure out."

Rocks went on to add that he's been refining his lyrical craft, having released his Lap of Lux mixtapes earlier this year, while Chuck Inglish is apparently working on his production skills (he issued his own instrumental mixtape WRKOUT in the spring).

While the news means we likely won't get a follow-up to the Cool Kids' lone 2011 LP When Fish Ride Bicycles, Rocks did note that this doesn't necessarily mean the end of the pair's collaborating days.

"Maybe we come up with a different name and add a different member to the group; maybe add a couple different members to the group for something like that. Maybe I'm making all the beats, and Chuck is doing something else. Maybe somebody else is making all the beats, and we rap on the beats, you know what I mean? As The Cool Kids and the same idea we already instituted? No, we would never do that."