Designed Obsolescence

BY Denise FalzonPublished Feb 19, 2019

Santa Cruz, CA's Continuum offer up one hell of a crushing slab of technical death metal with their sophomore album, Designed Obsolescence. The band feature current and former members of Animosity, Deeds of Flesh, Decrepit Birth and Allegaeon, which is an extremely good sign of their musical prowess right off the bat.
Designed Obsolescence follows their 2015 debut, The Hypothesis, and features nine tracks that exude all of the heaviness, relentless aggression and mechanical precision one would expect from a tech-death release, while throwing in engaging twists and layers. Tracks like "Theorem" and  "A History Denied" showcase intricate guitar work at its finest, highlighting the complexity of their songwriting, while "Release from Flesh and Blood" and "Autonomic" contain speedy, inhuman drumming.
Throughout the album, Continuum bridge the gap between convoluted technicality and pummelling ferocity. Designed Obsolescence displays impeccable musicianship, while providing enough dense riffs and powerful blasts to make it accessible to tech-death newcomers.
(Unique Leader)

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