Constantines The Modern Sinner Nervous Man

The smoke that’s been blown up the asses of Guelph media darlings the Constantines comes out their ears on this blistering three-song scorcher. These searing sounds would make the young critic in Almost Famous muster up a ten dollar word like incendiary, and make old punks shake their heads and reminisce about seeing Fugazi back in the day. All three songs, featuring newest member Evan Gordon on organ, rip with the Constantines proven power, but leading off is "Dirty Business,” possibly their best moment to date. Since most people are still discovering their self-titled debut on Three Gut, this taster seems like just a tease to sceptics who want to dismiss them as one-trick ponies. Proof in 12 minutes that the Constantines’ coronation by Toronto fans and critics as the second coming may prove prophetic after all. (Suicide Squeeze)