Conservatives Are Bashing Jann Arden for Supporting NDP Candidate Naheed Nenshi

So insensitive

Photo: Laddo

BY Ben OkazawaPublished Mar 18, 2024

Jann Arden has been vocal about Albertan politics of late, and it's landed her firmly in the scopes of her home province's conservative voters. The legendary Calgary-born singer-songwriter publicly endorsed New Democratic Party (NDP) leadership candidate Naheed Nenshi over the weekend, and, in response, conservatives have been dragging her on X (formerly Twitter). 

"The NDP is a party for everybody, a party that represents every single human being in this province," she said in the video. "Naheed is a forward thinker, he is fair, he is articulate, he's intelligent, he's funny, he's charismatic. He actually knows what he's doing and he's going to make a New Democratic Party that is for everyone."

Responses call Arden a "hateful socialist loon," "psychopath," and "everything that's wrong with Canada." 

Other users have come to her defence, though. One wrote: "What's wrong with all these Alberta idiots trashing Jann Arden? She's got more talent in her baby toe than they'll ever have." 

Nenshi, who previously served as the Mayor of Calgary, is looking to become the NDP's next Premier hopeful at the party's leadership election in June.

Meanwhile, Arden is preparing to visit both Calgary and Edmonton on her national tour with Rick Mercer later this spring. Check out her full video endorsing Nenshi below. 

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