Conor Oberst Reinstates Bright Eyes Name for Arizona Protest Song

Conor Oberst Reinstates Bright Eyes Name for Arizona Protest Song
During the recent Bush presidency, you could always count on Bright Eyes mastermind Conor Oberst to shoot his mouth off about a political issue. The songwriter seems to have mellowed out in recent years, abandoning his moniker for his given name and releasing two albums worth of straightforward folk rock. Now, after having recently joining the Sound Strike in protest of Arizona's new immigration laws, he has recorded a new anti-Arizona protest song.

TwentyFourBit reports that the track is called "Coyote Song," and it will be released through the Sound Strike website. Pitchfork adds that it will be issued under the Bright Eyes name.

Oberst recently filmed a video for the track, as you can see in the teaser clip embedded below. In the video, he explains his reasons for opposing the immigration law, calling it "state-sanctioned racism" that will move America "drastically in the wrong direction."

Oberst says the track is "a love song. It's about two lovers separated by conditions that are out of their control." While there's no sample of the song currently available, you can see some clips from the video below, which shows Oberst playing a piano in front of a high fence along the U.S.-Mexico border.

The Sound Strike was organized by Rage Against the Machine frontman Zach De La Rocha and supporters include Kanye West, Sonic Youth and Michael Moore. For more information, read our previous story about about the protest.

Conor Oberst for The Sound Strike from Producciones CimarrĂ³n on Vimeo.