Comeback Kid "Wasted Arrows" (video)

Comeback Kid 'Wasted Arrows' (video)
Comeback Kid have been on the go all year supporting their Die Knowing LP and haven't really had time to prep a narrative-style video for any of the record's rough-and-tumble hardcore tracks. Fortunately, the band's hectic tour schedule has had cameras following them on the road, with a plethora of live footage now being used to support their menacing "Wasted Arrows."

Truthfully, there's a moment or two of vocalist Andrew Neufeld screaming himself hoarse outdoors, and a slow-mo moment of the crew tramping through a back alley, but the bulk of the video for the metallic crusher finds the band doing what they do best on stage. You'll see riffs slung, beats jack-hammered, and fans flying by for stage dives in the mostly concert-shot clip down below.

Comeback Kid's summer schedule has them travelling through Europe. You'll find the show info here.