Comeback Kid


BY Connor AtkinsonPublished Sep 6, 2017

It's been 17 years since Comeback Kid came to be — originally as a side project for Canadian metalcore legends Figure Four. These days, the band are considered ringleaders and innovators in the hardcore scene, a role still evident on their sixth release, Outsider.
Comeback Kid continue to bind punk rock and heavy hardcore throughout the album, and the sound that initially put them on the map is as infectious as their earlier efforts here. Chris Cresswell of the Flatliners appears on "Consumed the Vision," which seamlessly transitions from a melodic punk tune to a surge of pummelling hardcore, while second single, "Somewhere Somehow," is accompanied by bouncy rhythms and loud choruses, showcasing everything that makes Comeback Kid the powerhouse that they are.
Moments of melody and choruses aside, Outsider is still very much a hardcore record. "Hell of a Scene," "Blindspot" and "I'll Be That" are powerful moments that will hit listeners like a freight train. These songs will be devastating in a live setting.
A feature from Matt Goud (also known as Northcote) introduces the final track, "Moment in Time," a collaboration that ends the record on a sombre note, as though Johnny Cash or Tom Waits were providing an interlude to a sweaty hardcore show. Gripping and versatile, the song concludes Outsider fittingly.
(New Damage)

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