Coliseum "Fuzzbang" (video)

Coliseum 'Fuzzbang' (video)
Hot off the heels of last week's sweets-supplying "Bad Will" video, Kentucky crushers Coliseum have now let loose a clip for previously teased Sister Faith track "Fuzzbang."

Moving away from demonic snacks and police confrontations, the latest Coliseum vid stars just about the happiest skeleton you ever did see. After rising from the ground on a sunny day, the flannel-clad boneboy has his fill of fun while dancing on graves, rolling down hills and kicking it with a flock of Canadian geese.

You can check out his wild time down below.

As previously reported, Sister Faith drops April 30 via Temporary Residence, and the band have a North American tour coming up quick. You can see the show schedule, including stops in Toronto, Ottawa and Hamilton, over here.