Coliseum "Bad Will" (video)

Coliseum 'Bad Will' (video)
Detuned noise-rock juggernauts Coliseum apparently rocked a block party a bit too hard in the new video for Sister Faith single "Bad Will," at least by the standards of the Louisville Metro Police Department. The live-ish video caps with a clash with the coppers.

Before vocalist/guitarist Ryan Patterson gets taken away in handcuffs, though, he and the rest of the trio blast through the monolithic metal pumper in front of a local art gallery, where peeps are also enjoying some 666-adorned cupcakes that look positively sacrilicious. Maybe they should've made a peace offering to the police via a few devilish treats?

You can check the video out down below.

As previously reported, Sister Faith arrives in stores April 30 through Temporary Residence, and the band start supporting the set with global dates at the end of the month. This includes shows in Toronto, Ottawa and Hamilton, and you can see the schedule here.