Coldplay Parachutes

The latest incarnation of Radiohead. This year's Travis. Jeff Buckley bedwetters. This is the kind of press Coldplay has been getting at home across the pond. Parachutes, their debut album, is a sad sounding record, but only on the outside. Whereas bands like Radiohead and Muse act like the world will be over by lunchtime, underneath these songs are some of the best optimistic pop songs. Opening track "Don't Panic" is a lethargic piece that will not allow you out of bed. The band's current single, "Yellow," has the same feel to it that Adorable's "Homeboy" did upon first listen. Sad and beautiful, it could be the tune that could take the youngsters away from that fabulous pop music that hovers at the top of the charts these days. And with a song called "Everything's Not Lost" to end off an album, doesn't it just show the hope that these youngsters have? Well, actually, there's a hidden track called "Life Is For Living," but that's another good song to end off an album. (EMI)