Coldcut Re:volution

It's been over four years since Matt Black and Jonathan More released Let Us Play, their last full-length cut-up massacre. While the duo has been releasing stunning records through their Ninja Tune label, many have been waiting patiently for a peep from the Coldcut camp. It's not a long-player, nor is it even an EP, but the pair seemed to be so outraged with the choice of candidates in the recent British election that they wrote an anti-voting single. They want you to vote for the Guilty Party ( where they will lower the tax on vinyl so people are rewarded for adding to their record collection rather than punished. Built mainly around a rather dated-sounding industrial breakbeat and current British PM Tony Blair's "the lunatics have taken over the asylum" quote, "Re:volution" is definitely on the right track to shake the minds of young British voters. The track itself is rather weak, given the fact that these are the same minds that created musical gems such as "More Beats & Pieces" and "Panoptican." But given the fact that Coldcut seems to be more interested in creating video montages using their V-Jamm software, maybe it's best to listen to the single while watching the accompanying video for the full effect. (Ninja Tune)