Cold Water Channel 'The Last Waltz' for Album Release Show

Cold Water Channel 'The Last Waltz' for Album Release Show
As previously reported, gruff and gritty "full-stack folk" act Cold Water are gearing up to drop the vinyl release of their self-titled debut album. To celebrate its arrival into the world, they've announced a special release show in their hometown Calgary.

On May 16, Revolution Winter plans to release the vinyl into the world (it's already available digitally through iTunes and Bandcamp). That night, Cold Water will pack Calgary's National Music Centre with a variety of friends for an evening dubbed "The Cold Water Revue."

The lineup includes appearances from Alberta acts No River, Knots, Slates, Brushsigns, Lucid 44, Laura Leif and the Collapse. They'll join forces with Cold Water to cover each other's songs, cover other people's songs and offer up other musical surprises.

The whole thing was inspired by The Last Waltz, which frontman Kevin Stebner says he doesn't even love that much. "Truth told — I think Last Waltz is one of the worst things the Band ever did," he tells Exclaim! in an interview. "Coked out Neil Young stumbling over Band classics, but it was still something I had to see.... I guess it just showed that there are different ways you can approach music. You can do one-offs and they'll be fun and interesting."

The main reason for the show, then, was to give their LP a proper introduction to the world. "I didn't want to just have a 'record release show' on a Tuesday, like we've done in the past — a show that's easy to ignore," he says. "This is a show that's a big deal, and special. If you miss it... well, you missed out.

"In the end, we did it because it'd be fun. There's a host of musicians around us who are underappreciated, and it's an excuse to play with them, to celebrate our LP release, to learn new songs, and simply do something new."

More information on "The Cold Water Revue" is available here. In addition, Cold Water are bringing their songs on a tour through Ontario and Quebec this June. The dates are available below, along with a stream of ​Cold Water.

Tour dates:

06/06 Toronto, ON - Johnny Jackson
06/07 Guelph, ON - Cornerstone
06/08 TBA
06/09 TBA
06/10 Hamilton, ON - This Ain't Hollywood
06/11 Quebec City, QC - Le Knock Out
06/12 Montreal, QC - Drones
06/13 Peterborough, ON - The Spill
06/14 Toronto, ON - D Beatstro