Coeur de pirate's 'Impossible à aimer' Captures the Sound of Change

BY Yara El-SoueidiPublished Oct 14, 2021

Coeur de pirate has accomplished a lot in these last two years. She bought and relaunched a music label, had vocal cord surgery, released an instrumental album called Perséides, is expecting a second child and, in the midst of all of this, found the time to release a new album, Impossible à aimer. In this whirlwind, she managed to deliver an album that finds her exploring different styles and going in different directions.
Beautiful piano ballads like "Tu ne seras jamais là" (featuring the remarkable pianist Alexandra Stréliski) and "Une chanson brisée" (a sombre tune about a relationship that didn't work) show a softer, vulnerable side to Coeur de pirate, putting her voice and emotion at the forefront. Meanwhile, disco-pop bop "On s'aimera toujours" recalls much of her past work.

Coeur de pirate finds more secure footing in slower songs with fewer instruments as opposed to heavily orchestrated pop beats which can be hit-or-miss, like "Dans l'obscurité," a club banger that doesn't quite deliver the punch it wants to give. However, closing song "Hélas" hits the spot. Using a vocoder effect to transform her voice into an instrument, she greatly impresses with an offering drastically different from her usual offerings

Coeur de pirate continues to exceed expectations as one of Quebec's finest musicians with masterful music production, and devotion to her art and career. On Impossible à aimer, there's a longing for more vulnerability and experimenting, less mass-produced hits, and more piano pieces. She's getting there, slowly but surely.
(Bravo Musique)

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