Cocobeurre Divan Orange, Montreal QC, November 21

Cocobeurre Divan Orange, Montreal QC, November 21
Photo: Luke Orlando
After waiting for 30 minutes, probably hoping the room would fill up a bit, Coco Khan and Étienne Momoro came on stage to perform their brand of "psychedelic dream-pop," with Khan performing on the vocals, organ and keys while Momoro assists on the drums. Unfortunately, the musical arrangements were rudimentary at best, the sound was generally horrible and the vocals were pretty much indiscernible. Khan sings in French, English, and Spanish, but through the mumbling it was hard to tell which song was in which language.

It was clear that Khan had checked out immediately after seeing the poor turnout which, to be fair, can be rattling, but does not excuse such a poor performance; this is the reality of performing an earlier set at a festival that boasts over 150 different artists in 20 venues across the city. On record, Cocobeurre's material is a lot more dynamic and has a kitschy nostalgic charm, but on stage it came across more like an '80s wedding scene cliché, with the appeal of bad elevator music. The set was also marred with sound difficulties — which, in fairness, was likely out of their control — but it's worth noting that none of the other bands performing at Divan Orange that night seemed to experience these issues.

What made the whole set worse though was the complete lack of interaction with the audience, with nary a look towards the few people that did show up to support Khan — only sly looks to Momoro as if to say "I guess we have to do this." A pleasant experience this was not.