Club 8 "What I'm Dreaming of is Something I Could Have"

Club 8 'What I'm Dreaming of is Something I Could Have'
It's not often that I find a b-side worth featuring nowadays but this gorgeous little gem snuck into my ear via the fabulous Swedish label Labrador. Funnily enough, it's the work of label owner Johan Angergård, who also moonlights in many other bands, like the Acid House Kings and the Legends, to name a few.

Club 8 have been around for years — 13, to be precise — and in that time they've always managed to maintain a delightful pop elegance, peppering their sublime arrangements with the most darling melodies Sweden has to offer. Just this year, Angergård wisely reissued the band's entire catalogue with bonus tracks, a timely gesture, having just released their sixth and arguably finest album, The Boy Who Couldn’t Stop Dreaming, a few months prior.

Found backing that album's single, "Jesus, Walk With Me," which was just recently released as a five-track EP by Labrador, "What I'm Dreaming of is Something I Could Have" isn't exactly a standout. It doesn't stray from the band's tried, tested and true formula of beautiful harmonies, lush production and wistful lyrics. But there's something about Karolina Komstedt's warm and gentle coo delivering those hesitant words to a lover overtop the innocent strumming and carefully assembled percussion.

It's as easy a song to miss as it is to discover, but grab it and you'll see why something so timid is at the same time so powerful.

Club 8 "What I'm dreaming of is something I could have"