Cloud Nothings Unveil New LP

Cloud Nothings Unveil New LP
In just over two years, teenaged Clevelander Dylan Baldi has released a string of seven-inches, a split cassette, an EP, a compilation album and a highly touted debut full-length under the name Cloud Nothings. As of January 24, you can add another full-length to the heap.

Now a full-fledge band, Cloud Nothings have prepped Attack On Memory, which will see a release in the new year via Carpark Records. But if you're expecting more of those concise, pop punk anthems that garnered a lot of comparisons to early Blink-182, well, you're in for a surprise. Exclaim! has heard some of the album and the result lies somewhere between Cap'n Jazz and mid-period Superchunk.  

According to a press release, "Baldi saw the rigidity of his early work, and he wanted to create arrangements that would allow for more improvisation and variability when played on the road." And so, this means "higher fidelity, a track clocking in at almost nine minutes, an instrumental, and an overall more plaintive air."  

Attack On Memory is described as more of a band effort, both in the songwriting and recording of the album, which was done with Steve Albini in Chicago.   

Carpark is currently hosting a 46-second teaser titled "January 2012" that features a snippet of an album track called "Wasted Days," which you can hear below.  

UPDATE: You can also see the album cover above.