Cloud Nothings' Dylan Baldi Drops New Solo EP 'On the Way to Vesuvius'

A seven-song collection of instrumentals

BY Kaelen BellPublished Nov 22, 2023

Cloud Nothings frontman Dylan Baldi has dropped a new solo EP called On the Way to Vesuvius, a caustic and pretty seven-song collection of instrumentals. 

Cloud Nothings drop some new music monthly for their paying subscribers on Bandcamp, but this Baldi solo work is being released for all to hear — it's a cool, messy little group of songs, with Baldi working through some new ideas and tossing stuff at the wall. Baldi calls it a "collection of things i made while working towards something else in the fall of 2023."

Earlier this month, Cloud Nothings released "Final Summer," their first single for Pure Noise Records. 

Check out On the Way to Vesuvius below. 

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