Classified Boy-Cott-In the Industry

With his tenth independent release, Classified has finally released the album he’s been working towards since starting out as a rapper under Jorun’s wings more than a decade ago. Boy-Cott-In the Industry is heavy with Class’ clean, professional production that has been pulling in rappers like Maestro and ex-Eminem cohort Royce 5’9. Royce’s appearance with Choclair and Classified on "Unexplainable Hunger” is the star attraction that should help Class blow up Stateside. It’s a smooth track with a sped-up soul sample that’s all the rage right now; or there’s the rougher remix with Kid Vicious added to the line-up. Class also gives his Haligonian crew a forum to shine with "Problemz,” on which Jay Bizzy and Spesh K are highlights, as well as rapping-brother Mic Boyd, who appears battles Class on the personal "Sibling Rivalry,” which works a great concept to its ultimate conclusion. While first single "5th Element” is an ode to hip-hop, upcoming second single "The Maritimes” is likely to become Classified’s classic track. Over a beat constructed from stereotypical Maritimes folk and a sing-a-long chorus, Class deconstructs our preconceptions of the Maritimes and reconstructs it around a strong Halifax hip-hop scene. With Boy-Cott-In the Industry, Class has stepped up both his production and lyrics to create an album that sets a new benchmark for Canadian hip-hop. (Halflife)