Clark Shares 'Winter Boots II' Bootlegs

Clark Shares 'Winter Boots II' Bootlegs
Between scoring The Last Panthers and contributing to Adult Swim's 2016 singles series, UK producer Clark says he's "almost intolerably excited" about more new music to come. Before delivering the follow-up to his 2014 self-titled LP, he's shared two new tracks that have been "knocking around the archive."

Packaged as Winter Boots II bootlegs, the tracks are titled "Empty the Bone Thugs of You" and "Trina Raven," with the producer including a short note concerning each. 

"I wrote this all in one morning in Sweden last Jan," he wrote of "Empty the Bone Thugs of You." "It's possibly the least Swedish piece of music I've ever written. The amen bit on the end is like a buy one get one free track, it's just me testing out my Octatrack on jungle breaks."

Of "Trina Raven," he wrote: "I wrote this in Australia last year. I find the riff quite pleasant and energizing. The synth is (angrily) mixed through an old yamaha desk and about 65 guitar pedals. Grime stations!"

Both tracks are available for download over here. Of course, the first Winter Boots EP arrived back at the top of 2015.