Clairmont The Second "Graduated"

Clairmont The Second 'Graduated'
It's been a big fall for Toronto rapper Clairmont The Second. Coming off a recent mixtape release, the 17-year-old is now officially celebrating his high school graduation. The ceremony was apparently today (October 23), so he's marking the occasion with a cut called, what else, "Graduated."

The track, Clairmont's first drop since last month's A Mixtape by Clairmont The Second, comes adorned with a mortarboard-spinning backdrop of glimmering keyboards and hard-edged beats. Above this, the T.O. artist offers up a few nuggets about what he's learned so far ("Been there, done that/Never goin' back"). All told, he waxes on kicking lames to the curb, street business and more.

You can check out the swerved valedictorian speech down below.