C.L. McEachern Solo Sessions

C.L. McEachern first played a ukulele in front of his nursery school class at the age of three and grew up to become a respected Peterborough, ON musician who regularly plays venues across Southern Ontario. He's so respected, in fact, that he was even bestowed the key to the city of Peterborough. Thus it's no wonder the musician writes the optimistic folk music he does. On opening track "Hustle," McEachern sings, "You gotta put your heart out there," and he definitely practices what he preaches. His singing style is earnest throughout, describing such things as the good in everything in a track entitled, you guessed it, "Good in Everything." There's even a song on Solo Sessions entitled "Winning." "Finger Point to Blame" comes off a tad didactic, but it's hard to fault a guy so committed to a doctrine of optimism that he's inspired to write an entire album about it ― even to the point of slipping in life lessons in his love songs. If optimistic reggae folk doesn't inherently annoy the hell out of you, C.L. McEachern's Solo Sessions is a fine listen. (Independent)