Circle Jerks Wild in the Streets

Although the intentions of this re-release are heartfelt, the manner in which they've presented this release is not as enjoyable as initially thought. Wild in the Streets, the 1982 sophomore release for the Circle Jerks, has been re-released by several labels prior to this and has always been a historical punk record. However, since Porterhouse Records was recently launched with Circle Jerks affiliation, they promised to re-release these old gems with extra tracks, video footage, photos and other goodies. Sure enough, all of these extras appear on Wild in the Streets, however, the only way to listen to the six extra bonus tracks is to put it into your computer and register the CD online, you simply cannot put it in your stereo and press play. It's understandable that to access the video footage (which is great!), rare photos, gig flyers and other Circle Jerks paraphernalia you have to use the CD-Rom drive. But, when you just want to put the CD into a stereo and let all of the tracks blast out of your speakers, the last thing you want is to be short-changed six songs! (Porterhouse)