CHVRCHES Treat 'The Bones of What You Believe' to 10th Anniversary Reissue

It features four previously unheard tracks and five live recordings

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Aug 16, 2023

Scottish synthpop savants CHVRCHES are celebrating a decade of their acclaimed debut album with a 10th anniversary reissue.

Originally released on September 20, 2013, The Bones of What You Believe came into the world at the anticipatory peak of the Glasgow trio — and they proved the buzz to be warranted, with opening track "The Mother We Share" still among the songs most widely associated with the CHVRCHES sound.

"It feels quite strange that Bones is almost a decade old," the band's Lauren Mayberry said in a press release. "In some ways, it's like it just happened, but also like that era was a lifetime ago. We are very grateful to all the fans who gave that album a special place in their heart, and still show us so much kindness today."

The Bones of What You Believe (10th Anniversary Edition) arrives October 13 through Glassnote Records. Available on 1LP clear vinyl, 2LP black vinyl with die cut sleeve, 2CD and digital formats, the reissue features five live recordings from Ancienne Belgique in 2013 and four previously unheard songs: "Manhattan," "White Summer," "Talking in My Sleep" and "City on Fire."

"'Manhattan' was one of the first songs Iain [Cook] and Martin [Doherty] played me and it immediately felt like an exciting thing to be involved in," Mayberry said of the unreleased track, which you can hear below. "It really showcased a lot of the traits that would eventually become synonymous with CHVRCHES and what our first album would end up sounding like. It's fun to listen to it now, knowing everything that came along after it."

The Bones of What You Believe (10th Anniversary Edition):

1. The Mother We Share
2. We Sink
3. Gun
4. Tether
5. Lies
6. Under the Tide
7. Recover
8. Night Sky
9. Science/Visions
10. Lungs
11. By the Throat
12. You Caught the Light
13. Manhattan
14. White Summer
15. Talking in My Sleep
16. City on Fire
17. We Sink (Live)
18. Now Is Not the Time (Live)
19. Lies (Live)
20. Strong Hand (Live)
21. By the Throat (Live)

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