Chuck Klosterman Launches 'Music Exists' Podcast

The author will co-host alongside Chris Ryan of 'The Ringer'
Chuck Klosterman Launches 'Music Exists' Podcast
Pop culture/music author and columnist Chuck Klosterman has announced plans for a new podcast about — you guessed it — music.

His new podcast is titled Music Exists, and he will host alongside executive editor of The Ringer, Chris Ryan. Together they'll "examine why music and the experience of music matters" and cover a number of artists, including Steely Dan, Billie Eilish, Drake, Black Sabbath, Radiohead.

Klosterman explained further in a preview:

This is not a podcast where we tell you what to listen to or we necessarily comment on what's happening in the culture right now or what you should be listening to tomorrow before your friends do. This is a podcast about thinking about music even when it's not playing.

The first three of 15 episodes will be released on February 19 exclusively on Spotify.

Listen to the preview below.