Chrome Over Brass "Crush on the Derbyshire"

Chrome Over Brass 'Crush on the Derbyshire'
Over the years, Boston percussionist Alex Garcia-Rivera has sat behind the kit for American Nightmare (Give Up the Ghost), Piebald, Saves the Day, Cold Cave and more, and he's also worked as a drum technician for the likes of Converge and Coliseum. Now he's got a rhythm-driven solo project called Chrome Over Brass, which issues its debut LP through Deathwish Inc. this summer. Before it arrives in full, you can check out the pummelling destructiveness of its "Crush on the Derbyshire."

The instrumental project finds Garcia-Rivera handling everything on his own, with this first preview offering up a raucous ripple of fills, NWOBHM-styled pacing, and smashed bell tones that rival any railroad crossing. He's also offering up a chunky set of metal-minded riffs, which conspire with the press release's assertion that High on Fire were an influence on the upcoming self-titled LP.

A due date has yet to be locked down for Chrome Over Brass's first full-length.