Christopher Owens "It Comes Back to You"

Christopher Owens 'It Comes Back to You'
Former Girls leader Christopher Owens is apparently ready to unleash another solo LP, but before we get the deets in full he's teasing the as-yet-unnamed album with a countrified ballad called "It Comes Back to You."

Tapping into feelings of love and loneliness, Owens pads the sadly swung arrangement with a oozing organs, heart-plucking acoustic strums and a lush gang of backups. His own gentle calls lay out the idea that while it's better to give is better than to receive, but sometimes you luck into both. ("You have to give your love away, it comes back to you.")

While details have yet to arrive, Owens noted in a statement that "It Comes Back to You" comes from his next album, which was "made with dear friends."