Chris Alexander Don't Open The Window

Chris Alexander’s music can best be described as a soundtrack to a film that hasn’t been written yet. It is strange and ambient, frightening and sometimes dissident and fragmented, always forever twisting in upon itself with complex textures and jilting drumbeats — exactly as you would expect the film to be like if there were one. The Don’t Open The Window EP calls forth an electronic landscape that shifts as certain notes and sounds find themselves strung backwards while others are looped from drone to atmospheric drone seemingly endlessly. The four tracks are as expansive as the above suggests, but clocking in at roughly 20 minutes, make no mistake this is still a lean EP, thankfully it’s also a mean offering of auditory chills and thrills that offsets the fact that you simply want more. That said however, this disc isn’t for everyone, its dark wanderings will best be appreciated by those who already tread in the creepier parts of that which lies off the beaten track. Particularly ambient music aficionados with a pre-established leaning towards more obscure original motion picture score soundtracks. Slide the volume up, turn the lights down, close your eyes, and you’ll write that movie right there in your head. (Meridian)