Chimaira Resurrection

Chimaira have spent years flailing aimlessly through the trends, never content with settling on a defining sound. That said, their releases have arguably improved consistently with time. Resurrection sees the group pushing the whole "Fear Factory-cum-Slayer-cum-Soilwork by way of metalcore” sound as far as possible before actually crossing into legitimate territory. While not quite there yet, it is clear that Chimaira have stepped up their game. Vocalist Mark Hunter’s utterly generic growl is still a point against them but his faceless performance is easily ignored. The group’s attempts at lengthier, more progressive tracks are also unsteady and unsatisfying. When the group locks into full-on groove/thrash mode their shortcomings work in their favour, resulting in catchy, if a tad predictable, anthemic choruses and pit-friendly breakdowns. Jason Suecof delivers typically searing production, with Andy Sneap providing his standard polish that fans of Nevermore and Arch Enemy know and love. Resurrection is another baby step from a band that are inching that much closer to realising their ambitions. (Ferret)