Chika Documents Her Own Detainment Following Los Angeles Protest

"Today was peaceful until police began beating and targeting protestors"
Chika Documents Her Own Detainment Following Los Angeles Protest
Los Angeles rapper Chika has shared several new videos and photographs from anti-racist protests in her city, revealing that she was detained for "failure to disperse" and was held inside a police vehicle alongside numerous other demonstrators for several hours as a result.

In a new Instagram video, Chika explained that she was handcuffed for seven hours for coming to the defence of her manager after cops swarmed her during a peaceful anti-police brutality demonstration on Saturday (May 30). The artist has since been released from custody. 

In another Instagram story posted yesterday, Chika filmed a scene with protestors on the sidelines of a burning car, with police hitting individuals with batons and dragging them away.

Chika claims that she and her manager were walking away from the scene when police accosted her, prompting the rapper to try to help explain that they were leaving. That's when Chika says she was detained. In her following posts, she photographs her escape from her cable-tie handcuffs so she could document her experience inside the detainment vehicle. 

"Don't be deceived," she wrote in a post. "No one was violent but the cops."

Chika added: "Today was not a riot. Today was peaceful until police began beating and targeting protestors. More videos to come. Nobody deserved to be arrested or detained."

Several musicians and celebrities have flooded the comments sections of her posts, including Kehlani, Jojo, Miguel, Meghan Trainor and Insecure actor Kendrick Sampson who also attended the demonstration.

The protest was being held, like many others across the country, in response to the death of George Floyd, who passed away on Monday (May 25). Floyd died following an incident with Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin that saw the officer kneeling on Floyd's neck to restrain him. Chauvin has since been fired and placed under arrest for third-degree murder and manslaughter, but protests and demonstrations continue across the country and worldwide.

Watch Chika recount her experience below, where you'll also find footage and photographs of her detainment and the L.A. protest.

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