Chief Keef "Wayne" (video)

Chief Keef 'Wayne' (video)
To mangle a catchphrase, Chief Keef may not be the rapper that we deserve, but he's apparently the rapper that we need. At least, that's the point apparently being drive home in the video for "Wayne," where the Chicago rapper presents himself as Gotham's kush-puffing Dark Knight.

Despite employing some movie samples and the rapper's jacking of the superhero's nocturnal logo, the self-proclaimed "Young Batman" might not actually be as closely related to Bruce Wayne as he's letting on. Sure, he's making stacks to rival the fictional industrialist's fortune, but his dedication to the bang-bang of a gun seems counter-intuitive to the Bat's well-known distaste for firearms. Though not entirely out of sync with the song's rhythm, the Dark Knight is actually shaking his head in Crime Alley out of disappointment.

You'll find Keef bragging big and rolling in a vehicle that sure doesn't look like the Batmobile down below.