Chickens Bring It On

The chickens bring back the spirit of good old fashioned garage rock. Making the most of their three chords, these boys are all about having a good time, and are conscientious enough to ensure your vicarious good time. With their jangly guitars and solid beats, it is impossible to keep still, you’ll be compelled against your will to get up and shake. Their feel good, poppy garage roots may be mostly coming from the stripped down sounds of the ’60s, but their influences span from the ’50s to the ’70s. "Unprofessional” even brings to mind a much cooler "Jailhouse Rock.” Singer Dave Robinson sounds like a friendlier Iggy Pop, especially with songs like "Yeah Yeah Yeah” and "Feel Alright,” but he can set free a fine snarl when it’s necessary. It has been said that you should never judge a CD by its cover, but Bring It On’s artwork, with UFOs shooting beams at dinosaurs, gives the impression of the zany sounds within. They seem like they might be socially conscious, and although it gets hidden beneath the music, it’s hard to hold anything against them. The Chickens say they will never grow up, and if it means staying this catchy, let’s hope it’s true. (Independent)