Chickens Bring It On

Bring it On positions these rock’n’punk veterans of the Toronto live club scene as purveyors of straight-ahead rock properly schooled in the true garage punk tradition. Although the band itself is young, only on its second release, the collective members, through past endeavours, are to some degree founders of a particular garage rock sound that has influenced bands in the GTA for nearly two decades now. Comin' at you are 11 top shelf originals (and one Steve Earle cover appropriately closing off the album). All the guys in the band contribute to the complete sound. Right from the get-go, each individual cut has its own musical vibe, showing the Chickens' ability to mix up a genre that to outside ears is often labelled as "all the same.” First up to bat is "Overjoyed,” a straight-ahead, punk rock’n’roller. Following closely is the garage-punkin' blast-out "Room On Fire" with wailing harmonica throughout, thanks to wild front-man, Dave Robinson (ex-UIC). The band demonstrates musical expertise through the Southern rock styling of "Never Grow Up.” Guitar player and head songwriter Ken Mikalauskas' magnum opus "Runaway" knocked me down and dragged me out. The only thing that could top this rockin' release is to see the Chickens live. For those who like real rock without ostentatious cock, say "bring it on!" (Independent)