Chica and the Folder Under the Balcony

Chica and the Folder (Paula Schopf and Max Loderbaur) are a German/Chilean duo based out of Berlin. Their music defies simple categorisation yet can be described as romantic, folkie fairytale electronic pop music. Although there’s a punk edge to their sound, it’s too delicate and refined, while still quirky, to be punk rock. Their website states, "Chica and the Folder are not a couple but a pair, they don’t belong together,” but they have chosen to work together and from my vantage point, it seems deceptively obvious that such a strange concoction would yield some of the most original music of our time. Under the Balcony is like a beautiful dream, one full of strange associations, childish refrains and glimpses of daily life, in the form of field recordings, all of which comes to life after dark under a bright crescent moon and with a crooked rhythm. (Monkia Enterprise)