Cheap Time Explore 'Wallpaper Music' On New LP

Cheap Time Explore 'Wallpaper Music' On New LP
Following the release of 2010's sophomore set Fantastic Explanations (and Similar Situations), Tennessee's glam-leaning punk heroes Cheap Time have announced plans for a third full-length.

This one's called Wallpaper Music and marks the band's first album recorded in frontman Jeffrey Novak's new home studio. As a press release indicates, the album sees Cheap Time "retaining both the punk moves and pop-damaged glam jams," adding that the offering is "their most realized, cohesive record yet."

Wallpaper Music will be available from In the Red as a CD or LP on May 1.

Wallpaper Music:

 1. More Cigarettes
2. Straight And Narrow
3. Hall Of Mirrors
4. Another Time
5. Take It If You Want It
6. Dream It Up
7. Night To Night
8. Witches In Stock
9. Typically Strange
10. Underneath the Fruit Flies