Che Chapter 127 Martyrs for Monuments

Like their name implies, Che: Chapter 127 use their music as a platform to beat out political messages. It’s so perfect that the Che crew have such an arresting sound because it makes the music as compelling as the message. The strength in Meegan Maultsaid’s vocals is one of the most striking points on this album. Her voice pours out emotion and carries the anger and passion that reside in each of these eight tracks. Influenced by the war in Iraq, the rise of activism, U.S. foreign policy, global capitalism, and the plight of Palestine, this album is a must for the political-minded. The guitars are sharp, and the bass lines and drums are heavily accented to emphasise every point. In only 28 minutes, this Vancouver band leaves an impression that lasts much longer. This is only the second release from this quintet, but hopefully there will be much more. (G-7 Welcoming Committee)