Chaz Bundick Meets the Mattson 2

The Great Hall, Toronto ON, April 20

Photo: Lindsay Duncan

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Apr 21, 2017

Chaz Bundick's relationship to identical twin jazz rockers the Mattson 2 has evolved from a chance meeting to borrow a drum throne to a studio album and a two-week supporting tour. After their CMW performance, one can only hope the collaboration stands longer than that time frame.
While Bundick preoccupied himself with synths and a Hofner bass, the crowd was most impressed by Jared Mattson's fretwork in complementing the bandleader. During lengthy set highlight "Don't Blame Yourself," the six-stringing twin dazzled in deftly picking his way through arpeggios and neat, tastefully phrased jazz licks.
Of course, the two were eager to give the drummer some, and stepped aside for some barrelling solos from drummer Jonathan Mattson, accentuating the pounding percussion with a bevy of pick scrapes and modulated keyboards. Jonathan's drumming was especially pronounced during "Cascade," as he moved from island rhythms to Latin rock seamlessly in a six-minute span.
The trio even went back to Bundick's most recent studio effort as Toro Y Moi, What For?, getting cheers from the crowd upon diving into languid rockers "The Flight" and "Yeah Right." Even with the amount of musical chops at their disposal, the trio didn't move far from the Toro blueprint, apart from a few more challenging drum fills than what was committed to tape.
The trio also brought touring partner Madeline Kenney back to the stage to provide keys and vocal support on Bundick's standalone single "Omaha," which found the vocalist pushing her range to incredible heights in a powerful moment of call-and-response.

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