Charlie Hilton

The Opera House, Toronto ON, May 5

Photo: Shane Parent

BY Max MohenuPublished May 6, 2016

When Charlie Hilton isn't getting dreamy with her band Blouse, she's putting out music that's just as dreamy and spellbound on her own.
Hilton and her band of friends had the crowd entranced almost immediately Thursday night (May 5) at Canadian Music Week, singing softly while woozy synth lines permeated the room. The crowd swayed and watched in silence, leading into another romanticized dream-pop track laced with silky guitar jangles and smooth drums. Hilton greeted the crowd and gushed about the tour with Wild Nothing, then played a new song that featured plenty of energetic riffs and lush harmonies, with big crashes that saw the cymbals shimmer as they exploded under the violet light.
"Long Goodbye" found the crowd mesmerized and introspective, as Hilton's evocative balladry sent the room soaring on a ship of breezy riffs and mellow bass lines. The band thanked the crowd before getting into their last song, a warbling jam defined by warm, galactic synth pulses and featherweight chords. Hilton's vocals stood heavenly atop the wall of sounds, right before it all fizzled to a close and the band bid a farewell to their captive audience.

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